Alberta Cares Package: Alberta Chocolate Artisans

Alberta Cares Package: Alberta Chocolate Artisans

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Our 2023 Alberta Cares Package Holiday collection includes this bundle of nine handmade bars and one hand-pulled candy cane gathered exclusively from Alberta chocolate and candy food artisans. It's beautiful. And, it's tucked into a cheery red jute bag that’s as delightful to unbox as it is to devour.

Give Back: A part of the proceeds from every box goes to the Food Water Wellness Foundation, an organization committed to advancing the practice of regenerative agriculture that nurtures a robust ecosystem and healthy soil.

The 10 Albertan chocolatiers and confectioners include: 

  • Jacek Chocolate Couture - Custom Milk Chocolate Bar for Alberta Food Tours: the creamiest milk chocolate of all.
  • Colleen’s Chocolates - Ginger Bar: A little Christmas spice.
  • Master Chocolate by Bernard Callebaut -  Grizzly Bear Milk Chocolate: Completely organic chocolate that will satisfy a Grizzly appetite.
  • The Chocolate Lab - Creamy Orange Chocolate Bar: These bean-to-bar makers have taken that orange your Mom used to put in your stocking to a whole new level.
  • Cochu Chocolatier -  Macchiato Bar: Like cream in your coffee? This bar's for you.
  • Goldie Chocolate - Uganda Vanilla 70% Dark Chocolate Bar: Micro-batch chocolate with the right amount of vanilla for the chocolate to speak to you!
  • ShawZ Chocolate - S'more Bar: Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and completely crave-able.
  • Sweet Gypsy Bespoke Chocolate - Milk Chocolate Cowboy Hat: A new holiday classic and nod to where we come from.
  • Le Chocolatier - Jack Frost Peppermint Bar: As fresh as the crisp mountain air where this is made in Canmore.
  • Volio's Confections - Candy Cane: A very vintage, bright and cheery, hand-pulled candy cane because it's the season!