Is your box like a meal kit or meal delivery service?

The Alberta Cares Packages are carefully curated collections of Alberta-made products. All items are shelf stable and non-perishable. They should be stored in a cool, dry place.  

Is there a discount for bulk orders?

Yes, our Alberta Cares Packages make excellent client and team gifts. Please email us at info@albertafoodtours.ca for more information about bulk orders. 

Can you create a custom box?

We have created several custom boxes for individual and corporate and tourism partners. Please email us info@albertafoodtours.ca with your budget and we’ll look forward to discussing the fun possibilities.

Can I include a personalized message on the card?

Yes, we’ll happily hand write a personal message from you to include in your Alberta Cares Package. Please use the field on the top of each product page to let us know what message you would like included. 

Can you ship the Alberta Cares Package to the United States, or other international destinations?

If our shipping system does not automatically supply a shipping rate for your desired destination, please contact us so we can get you a custom shipping quote. Note: When ordering packages containing chocolate, we do not recommend shipping to hot destinations. Obviously, we’re at an advantage in that regard here in Canada!  

I’m dairy free or gluten free, can I substitute items?

Unfortunately, we are unable to substitute items. Please see the descriptions with each product for an indication of which items are dairy, nut and/or gluten free.  

Is there anything else I should know?

Because our partners all have different levels of production, we may occasionally need to substitute items but we’ll always do so with items of equal impact, value and deliciousness.