Our Story

You have arrived at the Eat Alberta First store and it exists to help you do just that! 
Alberta Food Tours Inc. was created in 2006 to share the stories of Alberta's farmers and food artisans along with tastes of their bounty through in-person guided food tours. Our President, Karen Anderson, is an award-winning cookbook author and food writer. She's written for and appeared on television and radio and is the co-author of Food Artisans of Alberta.
She's driven thousands of kilometres around Alberta and knows hundreds of Alberta food producers and chefs. Karen is truly an Alberta food expert. 
By early 2020, Alberta Food Tours had hosted over 10,000 hungry guests on food tours all across the province with a mission to support healthy soil, food and people. Then the pandemic hit and our beloved business ground to a halt.
Seeing people so isolated and no longer able to connect guests with Alberta's food scene ourselves, the idea for good old-fashioned care packages came into being. Our Alberta Cares Packages are filled with Alberta's finest ingredients. There's also easy, useful recipes and the personal touch of handwritten notes from senders to their recipient.
When you gift an Alberta Cares Package you show someone you know that you care. And, you also show someone you don't know that you care by supporting  Alberta small businesses and charities. 
Thank you for visiting our store and trusting us to share the many ways there are to truly Eat Alberta First. 

Karen Anderson, President of Alberta Food Tours Inc.

Charities We Support

A portion of every Alberta Cares Package purchase is donated to charities impacting the lives of Albertans and Canadians. We've donated thousands of dollars to Alberta charities since our store opened in December of 2020.

Charities supported to date include:

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To learn more about the food experiences we offer across the province, visit our Alberta Food Tours Website.